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best orthodontic treatment in BangaloreThese braces have less noticeable tooth coloured brackets made from ceramic to blend with your teeth and can be used with more discreet wires.

This treatment offers a much less visible way of precisely positioning your teeth.

With clear brackets and white veneered wires the cosmetic braces are still far less noticeable than normal metal braces, blending in with the surrounding teeth.

Treatment time ranges from as little as 12 weeks to one year

2. Dental Braces

Orthodontic treatments works by using appliances, braces and aligners to move teeth that are crooked or that do not fit together right. By fixing these problems, orthodontics can also help keep your mouth healthy.
• Teeth that are overlapping and “crowded” are be harder to clean, putting you at risk for cavities and gum disease.
• Many times the overlapping teeth cause decay in the adjacent tooth too
• Teeth that are protruding are often prone to injuries
• Spacing in between teeth leads to early bone loss, and loss of support for the teeth, they are often lost earlier
• Jaw growth discrepancies may affect the jaw joint (TMJ) causing a chronic pain or Temporo mandibular disorder (TMD)
• Teeth alignment problems cause decay, bad breath and gum disease.

So these malaligned – improperly arranged teeth can cause health problems therefore it is necessary to get them aligned and the sooner it is done the better

Teeth alignment also affect the facial appearance.

3. Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth (by the tongue and palate), rather than in front, and therefore offer a great cosmetic alternative for those who want their teeth straightened, without the braces showing.

Like traditional braces, this product works by applying gentle yet continuous pressure on the teeth, to help them slowly shift into proper position. The treatment can take anywhere from 18-36 months, depending on the severity of a patient’s overcrowding of teeth or their bite.

Braces are definitely worth the investment, but lingual braces have special requirements.

As with any orthodontic appliance, good oral hygiene is essential to ensure that gingivitis or tooth decay don’t creep in.

4. Orthodontic Retainers

Orthodontic retainers are custom-made devices, usually made of wires or clear plastic, that hold teeth in position any method of realigning teeth.

It takes time for the bone and all the tissues around your teeth to reorganise and therefore it is necessary to use retainers until your bite stabilises. In the first month after the braces are removed, the risk of relapse is very high.

There are two basic categories of removable dental retainers. They are the Essix and Hawley appliances. Essix style orthodontic appliances are also sometimes referred to as “invisible” retainers because they’re made using clear plastic. The most noticeable feature of a Hawley retainer is the bow wire that runs across the front side the patient’s teeth. The plastic body remains well hidden. Sometimes it’s constructed using plastic that has bold colors or a personalized design.

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