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Tooth Extraction or tooth removal is the process of removing a tooth from its socket in the bone. Tooth Extraction is an essential procedure to help safeguard your dental health.

Prior to the extraction a local anesthetic injection will be given. This will numb the specific region and hence the patient will not experience any pain during the procedure. During a tooth extraction, you would feel pressure but no pain. If you experience mild pain or discomfort, pain relievers may be prescribed. Eat soft and cool foods for a few days.


Minor surgical procedures includes various treatments like wisdom tooth removal, cyst removal, removal of soft tissues like mucocele etc

Wisdom teeth removal: The Wisdom tooth, ( also called Third Molar ) usually do not push through the gums until the late teens or twenties. Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to come through the gums. In the majority of cases, there will not be enough room in the jaw for a wisdom tooth or all wisdom teeth to fully emerge. This can lead to several complications. In many cases all four wisdom teeth will need to be removed. The wisdom teeth removal commonly involves an incision to open the gum, and sometimes a small portion of the bone may need to be removed to provide access for the wisdom teeth removal. The wisdom teeth may also need to be divided into segments so it can be removed safely and easily.